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Through her many years of education and practice, Dr. Cruz has come to firmly believe in the interdependence of bodily functioning and the foods fueling it. Therefore, nutrition counseling is encouraged for all of our patients. When patients are better educated about how the foods they choose directly affect how they feel, the healing process can be accelerated.

Dr. Cruz has a PhD in organic chemistry and has performed successive coursework in nutrition, making her well versed in the subject. She may ask you about the types of foods you eat and your eating patterns. Rarely will she suggest a whole new diet plan. Instead, focus is given on making small, sustainable changes that will positively impact healing and wellness.

How Does Diet Impact Your Health?

Food is fuel. What we put into our body directly relates to how we’re feeling, what we’re able to accomplish, think and even how we sleep!

In today’s world, it’s easy to pick food that’s ‘fast’ for convenience—be it a microwavable meal or one that comes from the drive-thru. The problem with these options? The “food” is likely pumped full of additives and chemicals—making them far from whole.

Dr. Cruz believes that incorporating as many whole foods as possible into your diet can greatly help influence how your body is feeling.

The term “whole foods” means eating foods that are from nature and minimally processed. When grocery shopping, spending time in the perimeter of the store is often a good place to start—here you can find fruits, vegetables, fresh meats and other organic, farm-raised options.

During your visit at Elite Life Chiropractic, we’ll go over what your diet is lacking and how you can better support your body.

Discover Custom Nutritional Support

We’d love to speak with you about how we can help. If you’re interested in having Dr. Cruz speak with you about nutrition and developing a custom plan for your body’s needs, contact us to make an appointment.

We look forward to working with you.

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