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Davenport Chiropractor for Optimal Health

Discover Relief and Wellness at Elite Life Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a 100% natural approach to maximizing health. If aches, pains, and overall poor health are keeping you from reaching your potential, it may be time to see what our chiropractor can do for you. Chiropractic care can help you maintain your well-being even if you’re pain-free. Chiropractor Davenport, Dr. Heidyleen Cruz has a strong background in scientific research from her doctorate in chemistry, which is further complemented by her Doctor of Chiropractic. The extensive training Dr. Cruz has undergone will help you get out of pain and feel better with the natural healing of chiropractic.

Auto Accident injury

Being injured in an auto accident is critical and is important chiropractic care is sought immediately since allowing the effects of whiplash to go untreated can induce long-term pain. The physical effects of an accident are not always felt immediately. It can take days, weeks or even months for symptoms to show up, which is why chiropractic care is essential to maintaining the health of a spine that has been through a trauma.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Patients of all ages can find healing help at Elite Life Chiropractic. Chiropractic may help a large range of conditions including headaches, joint pain (i.e. hip, knee, and shoulder pain), muscle spasms, acute and chronic backache, neck pain, and tension. Regular chiropractic care can also maximize your sporting potential. When your body is in alignment it allows you to optimize your performance, reduce the risk of injury and feel great!

Chiropractic can help you and your family achieve your optimal health. Give your body the best opportunity to achieve this through regular chiropractic care.

If there is something that has been bothering you or a family member, please contact us for more information as to whether chiropractic may help. (863) 226-6300

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