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New Patients

Your First Visit

Dr. Cruz is fluent in both Spanish and English and we welcome patients of all ages to our practice!

The initial visit you can expect to be about 1 hour. The intent of your first visit is for the doctor to diagnose your problem and determine whether or not we can help you. Your initial visit will begin with some paperwork about you and your problem. After this the doctor will take a detailed history and conduct an examination. Once the doctor has obtained all the required information from the history and examination, a diagnosis can be formed.

The findings of the examination and diagnosis will then be reviewed with you, as well as the treatment options that needs to be undertaken to resolved the problem. Depending on the examination results, the next stage would be your first chiropractic adjustment. In certain cases, the chiropractor may require further investigation before beginning treatment.

Dr. Heidyleen Cruz will provide an individualized treatment plan to help you through the process of rehabilitation. The type of treatment recommended will depend on your specific diagnosis and your mechanism of injury. Part of every treatment plan is to educate the patient on how their specific injury occurred. This provides the patient with a better understanding of the treatment program, and greatly helps to prevent future recurrences of the condition.

Our goal is to get you back doing what you love, whether it’s lifting your grandchildren, walking, playing golf; we can help you get back to your active life.


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